Beatrice Dauge

Beatrice Dauge describes her work in personal and emotional terms that directly relate to her life experience. In formal terms, her work reflects larger themes about the boxes people occupy in contemporary life today.

Dauge studied art in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she grew up, and in London, Paris, and Florence. Now a Massachusetts resident, she perceives the colors of her adopted home through brilliantly colored lenses. She prefers not to see the gray that dominates our view and that of so many artists who have painted New England seascapes and landscapes throughout history. Her personal view of life's landscape is passionately positive and is translated to her canvas through her luscious color choices and sensual paint textures.

She chooses to paint the majority of her paintings on square canvases to challenge herself to think out of the box. The square composition is less typical than a rectangle, mostly because it presents more demanding visual solutions. Dauge describes her work on one level, as a struggle to push her way out of the square. She wants to avoid allowing herself to get boxed in as she feels so many do... living in a society where it is safer to remain in boxy rooms, houses, cars, offices, and stores each day.

There is a fierce attempt in her ambitious abstracts to keep pushing outward... above and beyond all boundaries. Ultimately, she hopes to evoke in her viewers the feeling of freedom and peace she feels while creating her work.

Currently, Beatrice Dauge has work in numerous private and corporate collections including: Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan, Cyprus, England, Mexico, Taiwan, and the USA.