Gary Korlin

Gary Korlin (1956-) works in a decidedly French nature and the naturalistic approach is embedded in his 19th Century French Academic training, coupled with a thorough understanding of classical aesthetics and technique. He seeks an impression of life from a delicately modeled rose to the energy of a wind-swept landscape, relying continuously on his ability to create the illusion of the third dimension. From figures in darkened spaces to patterns of blown weeds in sun-drenched fields, his naturalistic eye captures the mood of the subject and the emotion it evokes.

Beginning his career in illustration and architectural renderings, the artist became unsettled and began to travel. While living in Australia he became aware of 19th Century Australian landscape painters. Taken by their naturalistic view and sense of reality, he returned to St. Paul and enrolled in Atelier Lack, which offered the finest training in 19th Century French Academic drawing and painting.

After being placed in a figure drawing competition at the New York Academy of Art, he was invited to attend their 2 year program. Later he moved to Italy and lived in the mountains overlooking Florence, deep in the heart of Tuscany. Returning to a larger studio in St. Paul, Gary continues with life-sized figure work, landscapes, still-lifes, and an ever-growing demand for portraiture. Still frequenting the European scene, his paintings hang in collections in England, France, Italy, and Austria. His work has been shown in San Francisco, New York, London, South Africa, and France.