Nedret Andre

My abstract paintings are about the sensations of life within seagrass beds; the color, the energy, and interconnectedness of species. Seagrass is a flowering plant that lives in the shallow salty waters of our oceans and needs light to survive. It is home to thousands of sea animals including the dugong, manatee, green sea turtle and many more. Seagrass helps with shore erosion (slows down wave action) and hold down CO2s in it’s roots. For me, seagrass symbolizes an amazing source of potentiality. Through my research and collaborations with marine ecologists, I learned about Blue Carbon, the carbon that is captured and stored by marine ecosystems such as mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass meadows. This storage function buffers climate change and ocean acidification. Blue C features paintings and drawings depicting how important seagrass habitats are not only for ocean life, but for the air we breathe as well. Nature already has an amazing way of dealing with pollution we dump into it, to an extent. Clean water is important not only for seagrass ecosystems that need light to survive but also us. When we pollute our rivers, estuaries and oceans we get algae blooms that block light. This results in loss of costal environments that feed and sustain many species of life, including us. In “When the Tide Floods In” I painted the beautiful reliance seagrass has within natural rhythms of tides, and the brilliant light. In my painting “Carbon Capture”, I depict wispy charcoal lines that suggest CO2 in the air. My abstracted seagrass meadow in the foreground is painted with broad strokes, graffiti like marks and drips of paint. Small amounts of pink reflections poke through the plant like  matter. I want the viewer to bring their own interpretation and ask more questions. Why are 20 football fields of seagrass lost everyday? How is Carbon stored in the sediment? What happens to this natural storage bank when seagrass beds are destroyed? I portray the quiet beauty and crucial role seagrass plays keeping our air and waters clean.